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Direct pipeline access with sample inputs

Validate twice with surgery -- Support W3C XML Schema validation across multiple schema versions -- see Versioning made easy

XInclude, remove xml:base, validate and absolutise

Validation of large document one piece at a time

SGML to XML conversion, preserving entity references

Identity pipeline (check your server connection)

Pipeline access via forms

Validate-twice-with-surgery (V2S) pipeline

XInclude and cleanup pipeline

Piecemeal validation

Identity pipeline

Public Pipeline Server

As a demonstration of its MT Pipeline technology, Markup Technology is pleased to make available a public service pipeline server, providing a range of useful XML transformations, some of which are difficult or even impossible to obtain elsewhere.

This is a beta test service, running on a server of only modest power, so please be patient with any difficulties. Do please let us know of any difficulties, using the guestbook below.

If you have suggestions for other XML pipelines you'd like to see, or pipelines for converting from other formats to XML, or have other comments about this facility, or would like to hear when we add new functionality, or If you are interested in licensing the technology which powers this facility, please send email to, beginning the Subject with the word Showcase: .

Markup Technology is a trading name of Markup Systems Ltd.